early works

The following section provides an abbreviated overview of earlier works produced by Tony Maslic. He experimented with political art in pre- and post war areas, installation art, sound art. All these works were meant to change a fixed existing idea, he converted it and let it put light on an existing situation which was and sometimes still is, stuck in nationalist propaganda or overly complex issues of  economic interests or disagreement of identity. Some works were just experiments, for no other reason than learning and checking their impact. The works although outdated and not relevant anymore, provide some insight what originated the drive from where the new works are being born.

the works:

 – sketchbook
– “National Identity” or “the Failure of the Truth”
– “the machine” – mural
– 348° Azimuth
– “Fragmented Realities”, or “the Failure of Dreams”
– ‘BARIKADA’, or ‘the failure of protectorates’