In  the last 20 or so years the works of anton maslic have been developed from political engaged installation art to a deep fascination of changing paradigms caused by digitalization of society. These transformations have been explored throughout his work resulting in hybridized connections between the physical world and the virtual world. Material and coding are slowly merging into a new substance. This new matter does not allow to disconnect both virtual and material worlds, but intentionally attempts to build bridges between them. Traditional and new media are getting merged into a contemporary chimeras allowing these new organisms to reflect our world in both a critical and enticed manner. The works all have paradoxical elements, deeply dichotomous in its voice or message. Its up to its audience to choose a position on the continuum as they are provided by the artist.

The social fabric, which always matters to him is a key element in all his works, and the boundaries are intentionally blurred in some of his works, where the spectators are becoming the work itself, based on experiential exposure immersed in installations or concepts. The work intentionally has no aesthetic cohesion, and rather explores the aesthetics of each idea, which can vary in each work. As a result all different media can be found throughout anton’s work. He explores all different technologies and methods of production to generate those experiences. Most of his works are temporary installations, which are build for a particular location, in relation to its inhabitants, exploring sociopolitical tendencies, which converted into something else, can reflect a transmutative interpretation of some of the aspects of a local  society. He provides a mental mirror image. This image is always subtle, and is never intrusive, but rather manifests itself through a reconstructed and altered experience.


The String Orchestra
The Musicians
Symphony for Accidental Encounters
The End of the Cyprus Pound – Reflections on a Shredded Economy
a Glimpse of the Machine – inwards/outwards
Space Inversion