The String Orchestra (2018)

The string Orchestra is a work in progress. Many philosophical and existential questions will be raised through this project. The project will start a deep exploration of what is possible and how far we can stretch the boundaries, of important issues like; ethics, aesthetics, moral values, subjective experiences, emotions, and fears. But also aspects like beauty and taste, or existence of us as species and whatever we create will be addressed. Would our creations be able to surpass our own potential, and if so, what are the consequences of that? Is technology inherently scary or can we find a common ground, where we can understand and experience the insecurity and imperfections of technology itself. In other words, could technology be developed in a way that reflects our own imperfections, and could that make this technology more humble and less authoritarian and aggressive in character.

Further, what is music really, and is there any actual authenticity is music? At first this question would perhaps seem silly, but when giving it deeper thoughts, can really offset the logical explanations which would justify a complete different opinion.  Can we make an artificial created object that will start forming its own identity, but more important, can this constructed entity develop a taste in the sensitive and extreme complex territories of classical music. And even further, could this artificial entity contribute something virtuosic to add on this extensive territory of high cultural productions? IN the unlikely case that this would be so, then what would that mean, and what will be the ramifications of that? This could literary open the box of Pandora. If one of the highest and most complex forms of art can be generated, through artificial creativity and perhaps even a sense of ‘artificial personal taste’, than it would start questioning both the merit of high art as well its own existence as a creative sentient and perhaps even a sensible being. A something would approach of becoming a someone. An emotional being, with a capacity of a form of artificial emotional consciousness and awareness. Would this human construct, and artificial creation becomes a creature, a subspecies? Will this entity gain any legal rights to be? Again these questions are not unique and Isaac Asimov has written numerous books about this. However in my opinion, we almost reached a threshold of discovering these questions in the upcoming decades, which will drastically and abruptly change the way how we perceive life, reality, religion and ultimately existence.

This is a quest which will take time and money to develop. I will use this website to provide the most essential steps of the developments in the coming period. In case you like to contribute anything to help realizing this process, you are more than welcome to communicate directly by dropping a message through the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as I can, which mostly will be the same day. All help will be extremely appreciated and your contribution could help to make this work possible.

Tony Maslić, January, 2018


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