“the machine” – mural

The following mural named “the machine” was a gift to L.M. executed in December 2005 in her private residency in Nicosia, Cyprus. Size approximately: 2.30m x 1.40m

The mural is a line drawing done with graphite. There are no straight lines, everything has a slight curve, referring to my interpretation of hyper perspective. The image provides a perspective where directions like up and down are questioned. Gravity is obviously absent and the vintage point has been chosen as such that the viewer is floating in space. The emptiness of the wall has been opened by the drawing to reveal a different reality where a frozen image of a dynamic system is generating itself. The architectonic elements of the drawing somehow alludes to an artificial construct, but the way how individual pieces are connecting in a seemingly possible structure are possible providing associations which the viewer is free to interpret and fantasize. At the foundation of the drawing is a personal mathematical principle, which will return in my work many times. Logic is offset and a search for contradicting solutions has been the core strategy in the development of the work.