making of “the end of the pound”

The time frame for the work “The End of the Cyprus Pound – Reflections on a Shredded Economy” was extremely short. The whole process from briefing, designing to execution to transport took around 3 weeks. the following images are a selection of the process of the production. The conceptualization stage was short and mostly based on discussions, posing of ideas, working on some sketches and repeating the process several times over and over again. The limitation were given by the curators of fitting into their installation which was made from corrugated cardboard. The raw material we had was bags full of shredded Cypriot Pounds or Lira’s.



This material, although quite dirty was beautiful as it represented the full spectrum of colors of the Cyprus landscape, it had details of some typical Cypriot cultural lifestyles, and had very detailed images of some local architecture. When shredded these parts of information were shredded as well, but were occasionally noticeable. They became mashed and rehashed.  The texture which appeared was telling its own story clearly without to much intervention of us. We just needed to extract the meanings out of this material by contextualizing it into a new work. A landscape which metaphorically reconstructs the information. By repairing the shredded money it provided an emblem of reconstructing the shredded economy.



All works have been done by myself and George Marcou