produced and curated events

Nov 2009/Dec 2011

Cultural projects of ‘CYPRISLANDIA

Exchange exhibitions / comparative research programs / lectures / concerts / discussions / etcetera.
Tasks: conceptualization, project development, production, fund raising, promotion, publicity and communication,

Apr. 2001/Jun. 2004

Cultural Projects of Noise of Coincidence International Art Foundation,
Including: festivals, exhibitions, lectures, music events, round table discussions etcetera. Tasks: conceptualizing, project development, producing, fund-raising, promotion, publicity and communication,

Nov 2009 / Dec 2011

Initiating a cultural and political cooperation between Cyprus and Iceland, ‘CYPRISLANDIA’
Function: Curator, Producer and Managing Director
Format: Exhibition exchange, Artists in residency exchange, Film screening events, Lectures
Location: Iceland: Nordica, Reykjavik, Lost Horse Gallery, Reykjavik, CIA, Reykjavik, Kling & Bang Gallery Cyprus: Stoa Aeschylou, Nicosia / Irini, Nicosia, Ledra Street check-point

Jan / Jun 2006

International Biennial Manifesta 6, Production Manager, Nicosia, Cyprus (cancelled)

Jan / Jun 2004

‘NOISEVILLAGE’ International Cultural Project
Function: Curator, Producer
Format: Collaboration/work in progress/Media event/ art festival.
Location Abandoned houses in the vicinity of Vrsac / Serbia & Montenegro / Project as part of the Yugoslav Biennale of young artists

May / Nov 2003

‘NOISECROSSINGS’  International Cultural Project

Function: Producer, Management
International cultural project, Location: 9 abandoned shops (transformed into little galleries) in the old downtown of Nicosia, Cyprus. Creating an art village with events, lectures, music happenings as well an exhibition  (In collaboration with the local partners)

Aug 2002 / May 2003

‘NOISECONNECTION’  International Cultural Project

Function: Curator, Producer
A bi-communal project between Turkish Cypriot artists and Greek Cypriot artists Location: United Nations buildings / Buffer zone (green line) / Nicosia / Cyprus (failed)

Apr 2003

‘NOISETRANSFORMATION’ International Cultural Project

Function: Curator, Producer
Lectures / discussions / sound performances
Location: Witte de With [Centre for Contemporary Art], Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Oct 2002 / Feb 2003

NOISE 3.3, “NOISEOBSESSION”  International Cultural Project
Function: Producer, Curator
Location: ‘SPELL’ building / Downtown Nicosia / Cyprus,
Format: International group exhibition and events. (In collaboration with the local partners.)

Oct 2002

NOISE 02/ Music Event
Function: Producer
Format: Sound festival in collaboration with the foundation: “Kinetisch Noord”. The Netherlands. Location: NDSM shipyard / Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Feb / Mar 2002

NOISE 01                                                                                                                                                   
Function: Producer, Curator, Production, Concept designer
Initiative for a newly formed network in the Netherlands, reacting and interacting on society and politics,
Format: multi disciplinary and mixed media.
Location: CUCOSA / Rotterdam / The Netherlands

Mar 2001 / Apr 2003

Initiating an European artists network, “Noise of Coincidence”
Function: Initiator, Concept Designer, Producer, curator, Managing Director
Organizing exhibitions and cultural events starting in March 2001 In Rotterdam,
programming until April 2003 several small exhibitions and a workshop in Beograd Yugoslavia.