exhibition & performances


Participating in Group Shows and Events in Holland, Canada, Mexico, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Greece, China and Denmark
Solo Exhibitions in Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Serbia.

December 2017

On Architecture 2017. Curated by Ruciza Bogdanović, Strand – Sustainable Urban Society Association. Gallery of Science and Technology, Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. Belgrade, Serbia.

November 2017

Does Europe Exist V.2.0, curated by Achilleas Kentonis, Artos Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus.

November 2017

Dimensions of Bribability, as first exhibition of Salon of the Unbribables, Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia

October 2017

Film: Title: “HotSpot” duration 26 minutes. (screening/talk/panel discussion)
Curated by: Jonas Agerbæk Jeppesen (DK) – Imagine Europe Conference part of the IAMCR, Roskilde, Denmark

Augustus 2017

Installation: Title: The “Musicians”,

Event: Nameless, Tilt Platform. Curated and organized by: Zoi Pirini (GR), Takis Zerdevas (GR), Makis Faros (GR), Katerina Gkoutziouli (GR), Location: Building Beau Rivage, Loutraki seaside, Greece, in collaboration with Frixos Konstantinos Gavalas (GR)

May 2017

Film: Title: “HotSpot” duration 26 minutes.
Curated by: Hoger Briel (DE)
Location: SoFTA film festival in XJTLU – Suzhou, China

November 2016

Film: Title: “HotSpot” duration 26 minutes.
Curated by: Yiannis Colakides (CY)
Location NeMe Art Center, Limassol, Cyprus. – Event: nEUROsis

January 2016

Installation: Title: “Symphony for accidental encounters”
in Collaboaration with with George Marcou (CY) and Niki Passath (AT)
Curated by: Ruth Schnell (AT) and Tommy Schneider (AT)
Location Schauraum Angewandte, Q21, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria

June 2014

Official exhibitor at the Pavilion of the Republic of Cyprus, La Bienniale di Venzia, 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Artisitic Director: Rem Koolhaas, Title: Fundamentals
Curators: Michael Hadjistyllis & Stefanos Roimpas
Installation: part of Anatomy of the Wallpaper.
Title installation: “the End of the Cyprus Pound, Reflections on a Shredded Economy”
In collaboration with George Marcou (CY)
Location:Palazzo Malipiero, Venice, Venice, Italy

November 2012

Participation of Group Exhibition with two paintings for the Lost Horse Gallery, during: “The Others”, Experimental Art Fair Location: La Vecchia Prigione (The Old Prison), Turin, Italy

June 2012

Installation, Interior project, Tile: “Space Inversion”, during the film festival; Images and Views of Alternative Cinema, Location: Theatre Ena, Nicosia, Cyprus.

March 2012

Installation. Title:”Machine Poetry” during: “Remake” Festival, Invited by Alexander Zaklynsky
Performance, Part of a performance in cooperation with Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir(IS), Joseph Mazola(F) and Alexander Zaklynsky(US/IS)
Location: Dum Umeni Mesta, Brno, Czech Republic

October 2011

Installation. Title:”a Glimpse of the Machine” part of first representation of Cyprus in Iceland during: “Cyprislandia”
Location: Reykjavik Art Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

April 2009

Installation. Title: “Lost” Solo exhibition,
Location: Stoa Aeschylou, Nicosia, Cyprus

August 2007

Performance in collaboration with Vanja Kucina(RS).
Location: Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Event: Lost Highway Expedition

September 2004

Group exhibition Construct/deconstruct.
Installation: “Fragmented realities or the failure of dreams 2”
Location: Observatoire 4, Montreal, Canada.

June 2004

Title: “Censored”. Installation during the Yugoslav Biennial of young artists.
Location: Cityhall of the Municipality of Vrsac, Serbia & Montenegro

February 2004

Installation. Title: “Fragmented Realities or the failure of dreams”, during a group exhibition; Construct / Deconstruct, location A-Space Gallery, Ontario , Toronto, Canada

November 2003

Installation Title “National Identity 1 or the failure of reality” during: ‘Noisecrossings’ Location old shops, at the Phaneromeni district, Nicosia, Cyprus. Group exhibition. A NOC 3.4 happening.

Augustus 2003

Solo Exhibition. Title of exhibition; ‘trigger / okidac’. Location; “Konkordia”,
Vrsac, Serbia and Montenegro (SCG) [official partner of NOC]
consisting 6 installations, themes were conflicts and war. Used media; 3 dimensional installations/ video / DVD works /

May 2003

Noise 5.0, group exhibition: Escrubir the Europe.
‘artwork ̈, Title: ‘Violince’ Location: Morellia, Mexico.

February 2003

Title: “348° Azimuth”, video installation, during ‘NOISEOBSESSION’, a NOC 3.3 happening.
Location; S.P.E.L.L.-building, Nicosia, Cyprus

October 2002

45 Minute sound performance during a NOC happening at the “Stubnitz” in collaboration with
Jens Brückner(D), Romke Groenendaal(NL) and Arnout Schuurman(NL). Location, NDSM shipyard, Amsterdam.

March 2002

Installation using: 3 canvas, and stroboscopes during NOISE 01 (group exhibition)
Location: CUCOSA building, Rotterdam.

December 2001

Sculpture ‘split responsibility’ collaboration with Alicia Framis(E),Location: Gallery Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp, Belgium

September 2001

Installation with strings and sound. In collaboration with Romke Groenendaal(NL)
and Hans Weemering, during: ‘Occupying Space’ location; city hall of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Augustus 2001

Installation ‘horn’ in collaboration with Hans Weemering and Romke Groenendaal,
location: Las Palmas building, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Curator: Ronald Glasbergen(NL)

May 2001

Internet movie made in co-operation with Marc Neelen(NL) and Ana Dzokic(RS),
about Stefano Boerri, and Francesko (‘mutations’ Bordeaux)

April 2001

Installation and small sound performance in collaboration with Hans Weemering
and Romke Groenendaal. Location: Raampoortstraat, CUCOSA, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

January 2001

Internet movie made in co-operation with Marc Neelen(NL) and Piet Vollaard(NL)
about live and work of Louis Le Roy (www.archined.nl), the Netherlands

November 2000

Installations and performances, in co-operation CUCOSA,
during the ‘FELD-SALAT’exhibition. Location ‘Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben’Berlin, Germany

October 2000

Installations, and small artworks building Lekhaven, Keilestraat 8, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

October 2000

Installation and performance. Doopsgezinde Kerk, Monnickendam, during
‘Kunst Kijken Monnickendam’, the Netherlands

Augustus 2000

Installation, ‘A.O.L. transver IFF’ Location: Art of living, Entrepot, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

May 2000

Internet movie made in co-operation with Marc Neelen and Piet Vollaard, about NOX architects. (www.archined.nl), the Netherlands

November 1999

Sound Performance in co-operation with Romke Groenendaal during
‘De Haagse rondgang’ location the Miefabriek, Den Haag, the Netherlands

July 1999

Final Exam Exhibition at Rietveld Academy, June 1999, Amsterdam, the Netherlands installation: with bamboo, tar, rope, projected light and silence.

July 1999

Sound Performance in co-operation with Rob van Gameren during the
‘Buiten de maat festival’, location; Dodorama, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

April 1999

Installation, ‘An urban desire of dynamics and evolution’ during ‘Park of the Future’, location; Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

December 1998

Christmas Group Exhibition. X-mas tree, The Public space at a Square ‘Nieuwmark’, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


several exhibitions at the university pavilion during study on the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Designing an interior of a Bowling Centre in Heemskerk, Holland, the Netherlands. Consisting of:4 wall paintings of 21 meters long x 3,5 meter high including a light installation with computers, and objects. (destroyed by fire after 1 year in operation)


Solo Exhibition in Nighttown, a night club, Rotterdam during Tocado festival, the Netherlands


Group Exhibition: ‘drink your way in’ , De Spiegelzaal, Breda. Sequential exhibition in two parts. the Netherlands