publications – writings

Academic Publications (peer reviewed)

Maslic, A.D. (2015). Down the Rabbit Hole – Up the Maelstrom: Shaping the Digital Landscape to Change Contemporary Art. in M. Hajimichael (Ed.), Art & Social Justice: The Media Connection (pp. 83-94).

Maslic, A.D. (2016). Running Code to Control Sculptures in Installation Art. Second International Conference; Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology, Conference proceedings, Strand, Belgrade, 2016.

Other Published Texts

Preface written and published for the Monograph of Niki Passath.

Maslic, T. (2017). Preface (pp.10) Monograph. Passath, N, Thinking Like A Machine.  Gerald Bast.(Ed.). Edition Angewandte. De Gruyter.

Selected Catalogues:

Maslić. T. (2017). The Musicians (short film 2017), in Bogdanović, R. (Ed.) On Architecture 2017, Fifth International Multimedia Event. Book of Abstracts & Exhibition Book. (p. 53). Belgrade, Serbia: STRAND – Sustainable Urban Society Association.